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hellofellow is a community for expats, emigrants, travelers and others spending time abroad.


It's not always easy making friends in a foreign country. Find people like you in your area on hellofellow... expats, emigrants, travelers, students and others spending time abroad.


You can exchange information with other users living abroad, ask questions, stay informed, share your experiences, or just chat with like-minded people from your home country.


Meet up and spend some quality time with other users in your area – find someone to exercise, attend events or just go out and have fun with. Sign up for free and see who else is in the mood to do something.

  • The contacts in my facebook groups don't do me much good if they live on the other side of the city. Now I can find people right around the corner.
  • I hate to admit I hardly speak any Spanish. This community has really helped me get my bearings. Thanks, guys!!
  • I felt totally lost during my first few weeks here in Tokyo. I'm so glad that I've finally met some new people.
  • Though I've been living in Dublin for 4 years, I had no idea how many expats lived right here in my neighborhood :-)

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More than 230 million people live, work or study abroad. Some are there for just a while. Others have decided to relocate permanently.

Either way, it's not always easy meeting people abroad – let alone making friends.

hellofellow is a community dedicated to bringing people who are abroad together, whether you're looking to get to know some locals or find someone from your home country wherever you happen to be.

Our location-based search makes it easy to reach out to people in your (new) surroundings or expand your existing circle of friends.

We're often oblivious to the fact that people who share similar backgrounds to our own are right around the corner dealing with the same sorts of everyday problems. Why not meet up and get to know each other?

We believe that making three real friends in your immediate vicinity is a lot better than interacting with 500 other strangers in some facebook group.

hellowfellow is a start up from Düsseldorf, Germany launched in 2013.

Join our community – hellofellow is free of charge!